Skill-will Analysis

In Talent Ant we measure the Skill-Will analysis , the alignment of skill and will of an employee with his role for a period of time. Appropriate knowledge of an employee’s skill-will helps an employer to streamline the employee processes, training programs, and managerial behaviors that impact employee commitment and retention. An employer can lead development of “situational leadership” or “coaching styles” model, based on the Skill-Will Matrix. The matrix can help managers to understand one of the more challenging aspects of their role which shows what motivates their employees.

The dimension of “Skill” refers to one’s ability, facility or dexterity in a given capability… a “capability’ being some bit of knowledge or behavior that the employee can demonstrate.

Following are some of the things an Employer can do to enhance “Skill?” They can…

  • Provide tools and resources to develop the capability
  • Reduce obstacles and facilitate a learning process
  • Provide effective guidance and honest feedback

The dimension of “Will” refers to one’s motivation, volition and inclination to achieve, to initiate a given capability… this includes actions such as taking on new responsibilities or new learning.

These are some of the things an employer can do to enhance “Will?” They can…

  • Provide appropriate incentives and safety
  • Reduce obstacles or other de-motivating elements
  • Provide encouragement and motivation


The process of Recruitment includes analyzing the job requirement, attracting Applicants, screening and selecting applicants, hiring and orienting the new employee to the organization.


Activity which ensures that the goals are meet in an effective and efficient manner or the accomplishment of given task measured against preset standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed. Perform can include the performance of an organization, department, employee, or even the process to build a product of services.


Improving is the process of changing an organization, employees, group of people within the organization using the process of learning in order to compete with the competitive environment. It is an educational process where employee can learn, relearn & reinforce existing knowledge & skill.


The exit of an employee holds a lot of importance for an organization as it is a process by which the relationship with an employee is to be closed in a professional manner.