Retention Management

An organization's ability to retain its key employees is a critical competitive advantage in today's economy. But not every company or employee group has the proper tool to identify the basic reason or understanding of the cause of non retention of their key employee. Talentant helps them to gather the data, analyze the data and identified the employee who all are in great risk and immediately connect with them through the employee retention plane( Training , Motivation and incentive ). The resulting reports from these motivational assessments give you actionable summary data for the all employeee, for specific subpopulations, and for each individual employee to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness of your employee intervention.

To improve retention, employer need to identify the real causes of turnover and then design and implement cures that have a positive impact on the outcomes . Talent ant uses three steps to help clients solve retention problems:

  • Quantify the costs of turnover associated with each employee segment by:
    • Developing a comprehensive model of the actual rates and costs of turnover and how they vary by tenure, division, and region.
    • Determining the high cost of turnover areas for further focus.
    • o Identifying potential return on investment (ROI) to make the business case for change.
  • Identify the real causes for employee turnover for each segment - both the internal "push" factors and the external "pull" factors.
    Talentant uses multiple diagnostic tools to develop an accurate understanding of turnover root causes. These include:
    • Survey analysis.
    • Conducting interviews to validate the survey and provide context (may include post employment interviews)
    • Performing analysis to identify turnover causes.
  • Determine and apply the appropriate cures for turnover that will impact the causes of turnover and have a positive return on investment.
    To determine if a cure will have a positive ROI, Talentant estimates and tracks the investment required and the potential cost savings. This process includes:
    • Validating the turnover cures and suggested implementation approach with the project team
    • Prioritizing recommendations and reviewing them with the client


The process of Recruitment includes analyzing the job requirement, attracting Applicants, screening and selecting applicants, hiring and orienting the new employee to the organization.


Activity which ensures that the goals are meet in an effective and efficient manner or the accomplishment of given task measured against preset standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed. Perform can include the performance of an organization, department, employee, or even the process to build a product of services.


Improving is the process of changing an organization, employees, group of people within the organization using the process of learning in order to compete with the competitive environment. It is an educational process where employee can learn, relearn & reinforce existing knowledge & skill.


The exit of an employee holds a lot of importance for an organization as it is a process by which the relationship with an employee is to be closed in a professional manner.