Performance Management

Performance management is a systematic process by which the overall performance of an organization can be improved by improving the performance of individuals within a team . It is a means proactively focusing on employee development, talent and succession management, Linking performance to compensation , recognition and rewards . Aligning employee work to department goals and objectives, defining and communicating performance expectation regularly. The Talent ant performance management system includes the following process.

  • Developing clear job descriptions and employee performance plans which includes the key result areas (KRA') and performance indicators.
  • Selection of right set of people by implementing an appropriate interview process.
  • Negotiating requirements and performance standards for measuring the outcome and overall productivity against the predecide targets .
  • Providing continuous mentoring and feedback during the period of delivery of performance.
  • Identifying the training and development needs by measuring the outcomes achieved against the given target and implementing effective development programs for improvement on skill.
  • Holding monthly performance development discussions and evaluating employee performance on the basis of performance
  • Designing effective compensation and reward systems for recognizing those employees who excel in their jobs by achieving the set standards in accordance with the performance plans or rather exceed the performance benchmarks.
  • Providing promotional/career development support and guidance to the employees.
  • Performing exit interviews for understanding the cause of employee discontentment and thereafter exit from an organization.


The process of Recruitment includes analyzing the job requirement, attracting Applicants, screening and selecting applicants, hiring and orienting the new employee to the organization.


Activity which ensures that the goals are meet in an effective and efficient manner or the accomplishment of given task measured against preset standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed. Perform can include the performance of an organization, department, employee, or even the process to build a product of services.


Improving is the process of changing an organization, employees, group of people within the organization using the process of learning in order to compete with the competitive environment. It is an educational process where employee can learn, relearn & reinforce existing knowledge & skill.


The exit of an employee holds a lot of importance for an organization as it is a process by which the relationship with an employee is to be closed in a professional manner.